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6 Must-Follow Tips for Safely Transporting your Christmas Tree this Season

Let’s face it: a fake Christmas tree will never quite compare to the real deal. That said, it can undoubtedly be something of a hassle not only to find the perfect tree, but to schlepp it home, as well. Not only do you run the risk of losing more than a handful of needles – or even worse: having the whole tree come loose from your rooftop when cruising down the highway – but you run the chance of possibly doing damage to your automobile in the process.

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What Happens to Your Oil Inside the Engine?

One of the most common questions posed by new car owners is, "How often do I need to change the oil?"

Ask five people, and you'll get five different answers!

Your parents might say, "Every 3,000 miles on the dot." But things were different even just a few decades ago. Advances in the way engines are built, and in the quality of oils used, mean that oil change intervals can be much longer.

How much longer?

Chrysler recommends every 8,000 miles, but the truth is, your actual mileage may vary. Do you spend long stints out on…

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Road trips are easy in a sedan

We understand that some people may be under the assumption that a 2015 Dodge Charger won't accommodate child safety seats, and we'd like to lay that notion to rest once and for all. The Charger has similar dimensions to the 2015 Chrysler 300, and in a video we found, one man demonstrates how several of these child restraint seats will fit in the back seat of the Charger, making your dreams of a…

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